Mount Moberly White™, a naturally occurring high purity silica deposit located on the flanks of Mount Moberly near Golden, British Columbia. Extensive testing has determined that Mount Moberly White™ has properties that met and exceeded industry requirements for use as a proppant. This premium regional proppant has roundness and sphericity that exceeds ISO 13503-2 and API specifications. According to industry engineers, Mount Moberly White™ can compete with U.S.

Moberly high-grade silica has been successfully used in the glass manufacturing industry since the early 1980’s. Moberly silica is an ideal product for glass manufacturing owing due to its high purity of 99.7% SiO2 and favourable chemical properties, such as FeO2 0.02% and an LOI 0.02%. Due to the purity of our product and our state of the art processing facility, Northern Silica is more than capable of meeting the various sizing requirements of

Throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, wellbore temperatures can exceed 110°C due to well depth or physical treatment. In these environments, silica flour is required as an additive to standard cement (Oilwell Class G) to ensure permeability and compressive strength requirements are met.

Northern Silica Bunker Sand has been successfully used by many Western Canadian golf courses since the early-1980’s. Recent industry testing has concluded that Northern Silica Bunker Sand has the physical and chemical properties for an ideal bunker sand. Most importantly Northern Silica Bunker Sand presents as brilliant white in colour and looks fantastic in use.